Religion and Moral

A Popular comedian, Eddie Griffin said in one of his stand up comedy shows that, “no one needs to tell you that its not right to kill your mom, ‘cos it is written in your essence”. Likewise other social ills, if you do not see anthing wrong in doing what you know is wrong and you cannot do openly, why indulge yourself in it in the first place.
A gathering of members of the gay and lesbian community in Lagos is held regularly, albeit “discreetly”, but it
could soon be illegal. The vast majority of gay Nigerians may not be interested in this kind of event but they still have to hide their
sexuality in this conservative society. Whilst already illegal, homosexuality is widely frowned upon across Nigeria and has been the subject of
several bills in the National Assembly. The Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Bill specifically outlaws same-sex unions.
It also bans gatherings of homosexuals or any other support for gay clubs, organisations, unions or amorous
expressions, whether in secret or in public. ‘Repulsive’ The bill has been passed by Nigeria’s Senate – the highest chamber – and is now being reviewed by the lower
chamber, the House of Representatives. If approved, it will be sent to the president to sign it into law, after which same-sex couples could face up to
14 years in prison.
Already the prisons are overcrowded, adding gays and lesbians would make the facility house wrong inmates, who should rather be sent to rehabs and mental correctional facilities.
There is no circumstance under which you can view this act as good or right. If other countries view it as right and can even approve it in thier churches that should even condemn it more, it is because thier shovel can work as a spade for them.


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