Kelvin Lakoju Did not kill himself!

KElVIN “BIGGIE“ LAkOJU did not KiLL Himself!!! Contrary to reports from indian authorities he was killed, other reports had it that he was pushed, another that he was killed then pushed from the 2nd floor of his apartment in india where he was studying photography. I knew kelvin from way back, we attended thesame secondary sch with world’s meanest teachers, with contrast way of life to the affluence he grew with, despite hs size, he had a cute girlfriend, even slim people envied. He partys, clubs, enjoys life the way it is,just as we adapted to life in Badore then. He got death threats from his Landlord in india which he reported to his folks, but when the landlord was contacted he refused to answer his phone. A Nigerian is the last person to commit suicide. Kelvin’s memory should not be insulted by “the indians“ in a bid to protect their own. Please re-broadcast till it reaches authorities that can look into the situation. R.I.P kelvin


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